The most exciting videos you can find only here, on the official website of the World Cup event!

Discover Stelvio from top to bottom. It's stunning. An incredible view from top.
All together in a thrilling video, the 5 unmissable classic alpine skiing events in Italy.
What a true gladiator! Enjoy the most exciting and thrilling moments of his impressive 2017-2018 season.
The Stelvio piste, as you could fly over it. Credits: Cristian Maganetti - Emmed
Interview with Vincent Kriechmayr
Interview with Emanuele Buzzi
Interview with Bryce Bennett
Interview with Dominik Paris
Interview with Christof Innerhofer
The Italian champion speaks about his feeling with Stelvio
What a feeling the one Innerhofer has with Stelvio!
According to him, Stelvio is a difficult one!
Work in progress in order to rpepare Stelvio for the 2 World Cup days!

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