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The Stelvio piste in Bormio, 3250 m to be faced at high speed. Stelvio takes your breath away and rewards only the best ones.

One day, an evening before the Men's World Cup race in Bormio, Bode Miller told that a trip to Bormio is not a trip like any other. You know you face a piste among the most difficult and fascinating in the world, you need a lot of strength and adrenaline there. And once you get to the finish line, and you did it well, you know for sure you're among the best DH racers in the world, if not the best one.

Bode knew all the DH slopes in the world and knew how much respect you owe to Stelvio, much more than most of the other slopes. Because those 3250 m. you face in less than two minutes involve a 1010 m. vertical drop. From the start at Praimont (2255 m.) you become very fast thanks to a 63% incline and you keep fast up to the finish line. That's the first difficulty. 
The real problem is, Stelvio leaves you breathless, it doesn't give you a moment of relax: meter by meter, jet-men face a whole sample of difficulties a slope can hide. 
You face jumps, like that of "La Rocca" just after the start or the "San Pietro" one, when legs scream out loud. And then bumps, compressions, bends of different types. And then the diagonal, the terrible Carcentina, where the line you choose reveals the courage and the ambitions of an athlete. And the difficulties don't decrease as you get near the finish line...

After the "San Pietro" jump you get to "La Konta", the last, terrible wall in the shade where jet-men face super fast bends that proved to be decisive in many past editions of the race. In short, Stelvio is a true thesis of speed, where a victory can enlighten an entire career.



Discover "Its Majesty, the Stelvio"
The jet-men who made the history

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