The Piste

Two minutes of pure passion on a slope for champions only.

Full of adrenaline, spectacular, implacable and exciting.

This is Stelvio, the Bormio slope that hosted two World Championships (1985 and 2005) and regularly hosts the Men's World Cup races taking place at the end of December. This year too, Stelvio will be very ready to welcome the jet men on December 28 – DH race – and December 29 – Super-G race that is becoming a true World Cup "classic".

Stelvio was inaugurated in 1982 on the occasion of the World Series and has become a regular World Cup location since 1993. Its 3250 m course has hosted legenday races by the greatest DH racers of the contemporary alpine skiing era. This slope needs attention inch after inch. You can never let go. You must always be 100% focused. You simply can’t catch your breath, never. You face two jumps – La Rocca and San Pietro, when your legs start “burning” – and a key passage, Carcentina, a thrilling diagonal counter-slope. If the trajectory is the wrong one…well, you’ll have to say goodbye to glory. The final wall – La Konta – is normally the key point of the race, a stretch with very fast bends where the best ones don’t have a passive attitude and push and tame the slope. Paris is the master of that.

TheStelvio experience is an adrenaline-pumping undertaking at maximum power. Whoever wins here is considered a DH champion, a complete athlete, a determined, and precise one who’s able to trace perfect lines along a 1010 m of vertical drop. 
The Stelvio hall of fame features super champions such as Swiss Pirmin Zurbriggen, Frenchman Luc Alphand, Norwegians Lasse Kjus and Aksel Lund Svindal, Austrians Hermann Maier, Hannes Trinkl, Michael Walchhofer, Americans Bode Miller and Daron Rahlves and the "Azzurro" Christof Innerhofer.

Of course, the absolute king of Stelvio is Dominik Paris, with his 7 gold medals (six DH races and a Super-G one). He has been awarded the honorary citizenship of Bormio and loves this slope, one that requires you to use all the experience and technical skills you have at your disposal, right from the start at Praimont where you have to gain speed and take it to the end.

Many athletes consider Stelvio the most difficult slope. The words by Bode Miller, the American champion, say a lot about what Stelvio means for jet men. If you get to the end and you are first, well, you can be sure you are among the best DH racers in the world, if not the best one.

A victory in Bormio, where this wonderful and very difficult slope is, means getting a good DH "degree" and writing down a precious honor on your chest and... in your personal palmares.

In two years and a half, Stelvio will host the Men's races of 2026 Milan-Cortina Olympics, and ski mountaineering races too.


Discover "Its Majesty, the Stelvio"
The jet-men ho made the history

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