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The Stelvio piste in Bormio: 38 years of pure passion that rewards the best ones only.

2020 is Stelvio’s 38th birthday. For the first time in its history - due to the anti Covid-19 measures - the athletes won’t be greeted by the crowd at the parterre. In spite of this, enthusiasm and a great show will be there, on one of the most exciting and complex slopes of the World Cup circuit.

The strongest downhillers of all times have always challenged themselves and each other along this 3.250 m slope and have defined Stelvio in many ways. However, in this case, the breath-taking experience that Stelvio has been offering for almost 40 years counts more than words.

Whoever wins on Stelvio slope can be considered a champion, a determined and reckless skier who draws perfect lines in a 2 minutes competition, overcoming a 1.010 m vertical drop to experience the emotions that all athletes want to experience at least once in their life.

Dominik Paris - the brilliant star of the Italian team who’s about to come back after the injury he experienced in the 2019/2020 season - has been the symbol of Stelvio for a few years now. He won 5 downhill races in Bormio (in 2012, 2017, 2018 and twice in 2019) and a superG (in 2018). It’s a real challenge, Paris knows it and he remembers that " Stelvio asks you to use all the experience and technical skills you have within you.

The analysis by Paris is a right one: the challenge starts at an altitude of 2.255 m, at Praimont, where you immediately gain speed. You take that speed with you up to the finish line but of course that’s not the only challenge Stelvio throws at you. You have to manage your breath - every single breath is like gold - you have to face the La Rocca and San Pietro jumps with your legs burning like fire, you have to keep the line at Carcentina - otherwise, you lose speed and trust in yourself. At the end, you come to La Konta, the wall in the shadows where you have to give it all. 

The value of Stelvio slope is well known and the words by Bode Miller well convey how important it is, also considering the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic Games: "Once you cross the finish line and you’re first…well, you know that you are among the best downhill skiers in the world, if not the best one".


Discover "Its Majesty, the Stelvio"
The jet-men ho made the history

What's New!

The DH and Super G races are confimed but the usual side events in Bormio won't be organised.
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Special opening at Bormio Terme: wellness evening until 11 p.m.
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A disco eve with the DJs by RTL 102.5.
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It's going to be a moment to party together with the champions, surrounded by the wonderful scenery of Kuerc square in Bormio.
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