Photo gallery

The most memorable moments in Bormio.

30.12 - DH race
Today's feelings and emotions on course

29.12 - Super-G race
It's a *stars* and /stripes/ victory!

28.12 - Race postponed
No race day, due to bad weather, snow and fog. Super-G is postponed

27.12 - Second training
The most beautiful pics of today's DH training

26.12 - Training day 1
The first training day for the jet men in Bormio

29.12 - Alpine Combined in Bormio
The two races in a day in Bormio

28.12 - Bormio DH race
The traditional and classic DH race in Bormio.

27.12 - Bib draw
Emotions at Kuerc square with the athletes.

27.12 DH race (Val Gardena)
The race due in Val Gardena, with start at La Rocca

26.12 - DH Training
The first (and only) training before the official DH races of December 27 and 28

17.11 - Snow has arrived in Bormio!
And what a fairytale landscape!

29.12 - Super-G in Bormio
Another thrilling day, another victory for Paris

28.12 - Bormio DH race
Wow, what a cool race, full of emptions!

27.12 - The bib draw
The magical moment talking place at Kuerc square

27.12 - Second official training
The second and last training before the "wow" DH race!

27.12 - Fill "wins" an electric Bike
At the parterre, the Azzurro receives his bike from Cancro Primo Aiuto

26.12 - First official training
The best photos of the first official training in Bormio

Past editions: the best photos
Jet-men in action, breathtaking jumps, moments of happiness and excitement. Stelvio has been treting you with the best emotion for more than 30 years.

What's New!

The DH and Super G races are confimed but the usual side events in Bormio won't be organised.
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Special opening at Bormio Terme: wellness evening until 11 p.m.
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A disco eve with the DJs by RTL 102.5.
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It's going to be a moment to party together with the champions, surrounded by the wonderful scenery of Kuerc square in Bormio.
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