Marco Odermatt dominates the Super-G

The Austrian Raphael Haaser and Aleksander Aamodt on the podium too.


Marco Odermatt had no rivals in today’s Super-G at Stelvio, the last race of the Bormio Ski World Cup event. The Swiss champion, one who’s going to rewrite the history of skiing, demonstrated his superiority today, and skied with great power and precision. The course was not easy at all but is one of the most beautiful in the world. After the second place obtained in yesterday's DH, just +0.09 from Sarrazin, Marco Odermatt attacked from top to bottom, crossing the finish line with a spectacular 1'27"72 and grabbing his second consecutive SuperG victory at Stelvio, a slope he likes a lot and which saw him as a protagonist in 2018 too, with an excellent 8 Super-G place starting with bib 34. The excellent Austrian Rapheal Haaser is someone who gets excited when he meets Stelvio, considering he got another SuperG second place two years ago. Two podiums in his career and both at Stelvio. Third place, for the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde who preceded Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr and Swiss Justin Murisier.

The Italians didn’t do well. Dominik Paris and Mattia Casse went out after a few gates while things went worse for Christof Innerhofer, who fell just before La Konta, crashing into the safety nets. Inner was transported by helicopter to Sondalo hospital, and the first examination highlighted a cut on his calf.
Innerhofer underwent x-rays and they excluded other fractures or physical problems. The wound in his calf was stitched and he returned home. Innerhofer will then remain in contact with the FISI Medical Commission to check progresses.

Even those who reached the finish line couldn’t cheer. The only Italian top 30 was Pietro Zazzi from Bormio, 29 place at the "home track", after yesterday’s DH 18 place. Two points for him.

Another exciting two days of Ski World Cup in Bormio has come to an end with the victory of a super Odermatt. Stelvio is as beautiful as ever and is already projected towards the next season, with an eye to Milano-Cortina 2026. This two days began with the victory of Frenchman Cyprien Sarrazin, 28 years after the great Luc Alphand in 1995, and ended with the exciting performance by Marco Odermatt at a stunning Stelvio.

Words by the racers

Marco Odermatt
I’m very happy with my result today, I had the perfect lines in my mind and good feeling with my ski. Right now I’m in my best shape, I know it’s probably hard to beat me but every race is like a new day and you have to put things together to ski like this.

Rapheal Haaser
I’m very happy with my race, I didn’t expect the result because I made little mistakes on the top and bottom part. Snow was pretty similar to yesterday, I did well and hope to continue like this.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde
Of course it was better than yesterday, it was a good day and I’m quite satisfied with the result. I need to work on my skiing, I do that at the moment but I need to be able to ski like I used to.

Dominik Paris
The year ended in a bad way, while it started well in Val Gardena. I lost my ski and found myself on the ground. I knew that the skis could be flapping a lot there, but I thought I could be able to stay on the track and keep pushing. Instead, I found myself on the ground... Now I'll take a break for a few days, before I start again.

Mattia Casse
When you go out you're always disappointed, it's really annoying. The SuperG in Bormio is a very demanding one, it's a shame I didn’t do well. I was no longer able to turn, or stay in the line and I went out. The two days in Bormio? DH was good, today not at all. The season is not bad so far but I expect a lot from January and the rest of the season...

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