Frenchman Sarrazin surprises everyone and tames a very fast Stelvio.

Stelvio speaks a little French today


Stelvio speaks a little French today. It’s one of the most beautiful and difficult in the world and was tamed by an exceptional Cyprien Sarrazin with a very high level performance from top to bottom, brushing the curves as a master, accellerating in the steepest parts and crossing the finish line with 1'50”73. A great time, second in the history of the Stelvio only if considering 1'49"56 by Paris in 2019. Today's victory of Sarrazin - the first DH one for the Frenchman and the second overall after the success in the parallel giant slalom in Alta Badia in 2016 - wasn't a total surprise because the 29 year old from Gap had been the fastest in the first training and fourth place in the second one, demonstrating he is in great shape. His great condition allowed him to prevail over the Swiss champion Marco Odermatt (second place) thanks to a fabulous final part, in which he made the most of La Konta part. Canadian Cameron Alexander is the third champion on the podium. Fourth place for Justin Murisier, fifth place for last year's DH winner Vincent Kriechmayr, and a very good sixth position for Mattia Casse. His race was a solid one and he took another small step towards the absolute excellence of this specialty. Disappointing performance for Dominik Paris who, after a very promising first part, slipped in a corner and lost grip. In spite of this, the "King" of Stelvio finished the race 53rd place. The Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde did’t manage to finish the race while Austrian Marco Schwarz fell in a bad way and was transported to the valley by helicopter.
The two-days of Alpine Ski World Cup in Bormio will end tomorrow with the Super-G starting at 11.30. Another great show on a wonderful Stelvio.


Words by the racers

Cyprien Sarrazin
This victory means a lot for me, after all the injuries, the good and bad moments in my career today a feel great, so good. I felt calm, I wasn’t nervous, I knew I had to ski and see what could happen. This is a big step from Val Gardena, where I went out. I learned a lot from my injury and this year I feel more confident.

Marco Oderrmatt
I’m very happy with my race, in spite of a mistake at La Konta. It's the first time I skied so well and probably this is my best race ever. Stelvio is a real DH for real men, the slope is demanding and was very well prepared. I'm sorry for Marco Schwartz, those of us who compete in many disciplines are at risk injuries because schedule is tight.

Alexander Cameron
I knew I was gonna be a fight today. It’s Bormio, so a fight all way down. Cyprien and Marco skied very well, I did too so fingers crossed for the rest of the season…my sensations? Just fight all way down. Stelvio is very similar to the past years. Last year was very icy at the bottom, there’s more grip this year. But, well, that’s Bormio.

Dominik Paris
In the first part I did well, then I “stopped”… I entered before Carcentina to gain speed and make the difference underneath because I knew about Sarrazin's great time. I told myself “If you want to beat them all, I would have to face Carcentina at your best”. I tried but in the external edge hit a bump and I found myself on the ground... Too bad.

Mattia Casse
Two seconds from the winner it’s a significant gap. I thought I did better in the final part, I probably made a little mistake at La Konta in terms of line. I can think of one corner in particular. In the central part, which is always difficult for me, I tried to slide but it’s clear I still held on a little too much. I skied well but clearly not fast enough to make that quality jump which is necessary to approach the absolute best. I'm growing, but obviously I'm not there with them yet.”


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