Interviews with the big at Stelvio

With the fastest three and Italians Mattia Casse and Dominik Paris.


Vincent Kriechmayr
"I'm happy I left the toughest race behind! I'm really happy, I did good and pushed from top to bottom. Stelvio is always difficult, maybe last year it was a little less as today it’s so icy, but it's fantastic to give 100% until the end. Did I feel I could win? There are so many athletes deserving that, you can never be that sure".

James Crawford
"I felt a bit nervous at the starting gate, not too confident because I felt a bit of pressure after yesterday's training, which was one of the toughest of my career. Today I felt a good feeling with the slope, I'm happy with how I executed it. Of course there is still work to do. Stelvio is wonderful, it's one of my favorite races because it always makes me a bit scared. You keep pushing from top to bottom and struggle to maintain grip".

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde
"Stelvio is always tough, both mentally and physically. It's probably the hardest hill of the circuit, I did my best and a third place is fantastic, happy it happened here in Bormio. My secret? I don't have one, hard work pays off. This year has been a bit rough, I try to take care of myself, stay healthy and keep working".

Mattia Casse
"These three days are though, Stelvio is tough and beautiful. This slope gets harder and harder, it's more and more beautiful as years go by. And we want it that way. Today I could have let go a little more, both at Carcentina and in the middle part. Now let's look at Wengen. Tomorrow is the super-G day. Another day, another story. After 3 days like these, it will be a tough Super-G".

Dominik Paris
"I made too many mistakes in the middle part and at the end. Stelvio is tough, you burn out halfway through but you have to hold on... It’s been a difficult race. I'm happy with the fact that I gained important points for the standings. It's never easy to get results, I keep working… let's hope the results come too".

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