No second Super-G in Bormio due to rain and high temperatures.

Words by Markus Waldner


In spite of the hard work of last night to wet and put salt on the track, the organisers had to raise the white flag. The rain that fell on Wednesday evening and a warm wind at around 5.30 am forced FIS to cancel the second super-G (the one due in Lake Louise at the beginning of December and which could take place in Wengen): safety conditions on the track couldn’t be guaranteed. The race director Massimo Rinaldi has explained the situation. “Last night it rained a lot, but at 11pm we closed the track from Ciuk to the finish line and this made the piste perfect. We did the first inspection at 5 am, the track was in excellent conditions and the section between the start and Carcentina was even more icy than yesterday. Suddenly, a warm wind came at 5.15 am / 5.30, it made the snow so dry and new salt had to be thrown immediately on the track, but it no longer "reacted". The athletes asked to do the race, we did all things possible but conditions were not enough for a safe race. Had it been a SL or a GS, we could have wet the track in the morning and salt the entire track. On a Super-G track, in addition to the race line, there is another line. Wetting an entire track which can be 120 meters wide was impossible. I’m very sorry for the many, many, volunteers who have made a great effort all night and in the morning too. We tried, but there’s nothing to do against bad weather."

FIS race director Markus Waldner is sorry for not being able to bring the programme to an end but sees the glass half full because the first two races were fantastic.

Marcus Waldner: "Unfortunately nothing more could be done, as always we tried to do it all until the very last second but in the end we had to raise the white flag. Last night weather conditions meant no solidity. Safety is always the top priority. In addition, the lower part is characterised by many B nets (essential for the safety of the athlete in case of a fall) and frankly the poles of the nets were no longer stuck solidly in the snow. Therefore the nets would no longer be able to do their job ”. Will the Super-G take place somewhere? "Let's see, let's try to do that in January, as soon as possible, maybe even in Wengen". However, the Bormio edition was one of a high technical profile. It was very, very positive, after all Stelvio and the Bormio organisation are now a guarantee. We managed to run two great races, a great DH and a great Super-G, we did a lot. We think positive, we managed to complete two races. And those were cool races”.

Let’s meet next year, with the 2022 Ski World Cup in Bormio. Stelvio will be ready to offer other top-level races.

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