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Words full of adrenaline and happiness.



"Yes, when I'm here in Bormio I’m always super happy. It was great to win again. It’s never easy, I tried to do everything the best way and today was good, very good. At the beginning of the season I had some problems that I gradually solved and in Val Gardena I realised I was on the right way to get back on top, thanks to a new confidence with the materials too. This is the sixth victory in Bormio: numbers are beautiful to look at but I am still active, I will take a look at the hall of fame later, when I am no longer competing. Stelvio is wonderful, I like the place, I know the track very well, I know it from top to bottom. A challenge here is always great. I don't realise why I always to do well here in Bormio… but I can and that's okay. In practice I pulled only in the upper parts and as for the rest I studied the lines before the race. It’s true that the results of the trainings increase confidence but then you really have to give everything. The start was good, then the lines were a little wrong at Fontanalonga but I felt I had kept speed and at Carcentina I gave my all and maybe I made a difference there. After all I was not able to be as fast as usual, but in the end it was enough to win ".


"It’s a great feeling. Step by step I got a little closer and I knew that this slope could be good for me. You have to ski clean and attack where you can. Great I achieved it today. How do I prepare for the 2 Super-G races? Not much to do in the afternoon when you get to the hotel is 3-4pm. So will be recognition and focus on tomorrow Domme is king here, well deserved". 


"It’s insane, I’m feeling speechless right now. The biggest part of my skiing and my game is the mental part. Last year I had a kind of mental breakdown after all the crashes and everything but now I gained new confidence, I started working with a new coach and I’ve made pretty amazing steps: for me it’s something completely different".


"I'm really happy as I wanted to do well. After the trainings I managed to confirm I could do well in the race too. I know where I lost speed but I am satisfied. It's never easy here, today the track was very tough, easy to make mistakes there. This is Stelvio as usual, a difficult one. Unfortunately, I will still start with a high bib number in Super-G, but I hope to do well and collect points to start with lower bib numbers."

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The DH and Super G races are confimed but the usual side events in Bormio won't be organised.
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Special opening at Bormio Terme: wellness evening until 11 p.m.
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A disco eve with the DJs by RTL 102.5.
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It's going to be a moment to party together with the champions, surrounded by the wonderful scenery of Kuerc square in Bormio.
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