Let's ski down from the most adrenaline-pumping slope of the Ski World Cup together



Defined by Gianfranco Kasper as the “Staircase of Winter Sports”, the Stelvio is considered one of the most fascinating and technical slopes of the whole Circo Bianco. Located in the heart of Bormio, the track was inaugurated in 1982 for the first edition of the World Series.

It became famous for hosting several international events:

two editions of the Alpine Ski World Championships in 1985 and 2005,
two World Cup finals, in 1995 and 2008,
since 1993, it has been the stage for men's downhill of the World Cup.
Among those who have triumphed on this track we can certainly remember Michael Walchhofer, Hermann Maier, Bode Miller and, more recently, our italian champions Cristof Innerhofer and Dominik Paris.

Pista Stelvio has always been adrenaline, technique, speed, determination, and effort. In short, pure emotion! On the Stelvio Slope we can observe the complete skier in action, who is the one able to find the right balance between physical power, technical skills and winning tactics. You have to go the extra mile, be aggressive at the right point but, at the same time, caress the snow as if you were dancing in the wind. It is necessary to find the famous "balance over madness" that only a few "elected" possess.

The Stelvio is 3,250 meters long over 1,010 meters of elevation drop. Its starting gate is located at 2,255 meters above sea level with breathtaking views of the valley.


The Track

The track starts immediately with a 63% incline drop, where athletes immediately gain speed, a fundamental element in order not to lose precious seconds.

The Rocca jump

A few seconds after the start gate, there's the first challenge: the jump of the Rocca, a 30-meter long jump that leaves you breathless with no margin for error.

The Sertorelli little channel

The track continues with the "Sertorelli" little channel, a stretch of about 300 meters that leads to the challenging curves of the Fontana Lunga whose uneven terrain conditions make precise skiing difficult.

The Pian dell'Orso

This leads to Pian dell'Orso, 400 meters long with a difference in height of 100 meters, characterized by a sequence of curves and counter-curves. Here the fatigue begins to be felt but the athletes have to grit their teeth because we arrive at the most demanding and decisive passage of the whole descent: the famous “Carcentina”.

The Carcentina

The Carcentina is a diagonal to the right, often very icy and irregular. The champions have to look for the best line to keep the maximum speed and not be pushed out the track.

San Pietro jump

The Ciuk meadows are up next, a plateau of about 100 meters that leads to the very steep wall of San Pietro. With its spectacular jump of over 40 meters in open air, the San Pietro jump makes you reach dizzying high speeds.

The final part of the track is a series of curves that lead the exhausted athletes to the finish line right into the arms of a popping crowd.


The Stelvio is not a track like all the others and, above all, it is not a track for everyone. It is very technical and exhausting. Legs burn and scream in pain but "Her Majesty the Stelvio" gives no rest, nor does it allow to be easily tamed. It does not forgive distractions or signs of weakness. It keeps you breathless until the very last second and forces you to do your best to come out triumphant.

It is a test of survival, and if you pass you can enter the reign of the best skiers in the world.

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The DH and Super G races are confimed but the usual side events in Bormio won't be organised.
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Special opening at Bormio Terme: wellness evening until 11 p.m.
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A disco eve with the DJs by RTL 102.5.
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It's going to be a moment to party together with the champions, surrounded by the wonderful scenery of Kuerc square in Bormio.
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