Alexis Pinturault puts his signature on the Stelvio and wins today's Alpine Combined!

Alexis Pinturault puts his signature on the Stelvio and wins today's Alpine Combined! The Frenchman was the favourite No. 1 in spite of being back to competitions after the injury suffered in Val Badia, he didn't missed the appointment and won the Alpine Combined that took place on the Stelvio thanks to a good SuperG and an excellent slalom in which he definitely was ahead of the others. Alexis Pinturault was somehow cautious during his SuperG race and managed to get a 12th position with a disadvantage of +0.97 from Kilde. 
Pinturault then did something spectacular along the "rapid gates" and jumped on the highest step of the Alpine Combined putting important points for the general World Cup in his poket. Second position goes to a very happy Aleksander Aamodt Kilde from Norway, who did very well in slalom too, just +0.51 behind Pinturault. Thanks to these 80 points, Kilde is now on top of the overall World Cup standings, 20 points more than Dominik Paris, the Stelvio dominator who did a few mistakes in his slalom race after another great SuperG race (he ended with a 26th place). Third place for the Swiss Loic Meillard, 8th position in SuperG and 2nd position in slalom. An excellent 4th position for Riccardo Tonetti,  +1"87 from the winner and +1"31 from the podium in spite of some mistakes in both races.

So an exciting  Bormio World Cup edition has come to the end. This is the first main event after the Winter Olympics Milan-Cortina 2026. Next appointment is therefore at the end of December 2020 with another competition on the Stelvio.

MEILLARD: I'm happy with my podium, also because the Swiss team did very well all three days! The new rules of the alpine combined have changed and it's difficult to say if the previous ones were better than the new ones but certainly the important thing is to be fast in the first race.
It is my first time in Bormio, I feel comfortable here, everything is well organized and this morning I had fun with the SuperG.
It is fantastic that the Olympics are back in Europe, where we will be able to compete in front of our friends and family. My goal now is to improve in all disciplines.

PINTURAULT: My goal is to recover from the adductor injury, it is essential to rest then I will do some slaloms before Zagreb. I don't know if I will be here for the 2026 Olympics, I focus on the present but it would be fantastic to participate.

KILDE: I think the new rules of the Alpine combined are good, slalom is a challenge and today the Super G was a challenge too. I think it would be fun to make a shorter super G and a shorter slalom too so that it is easier for slalomists to face Super G.
The Stelvio is always a challenge, it is difficult, it is icy but I like it, it leaves your legs on fire!

RICCARDO TONETTI: "I'm happy with today's race, the goal at the beginning of the week was to get this 4th place. I'm used to 4th places, I don't  disdain them, quite the contrary. The goal now is to take that further step and get on the podium. Today we were very close as a place but not yet in terms of timing, I have to work in both disciplines.

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