He didn't even dare to dream of it, but Dominik Paris succeeded once again.


He didn't even dare to dream of it, but Dominik Paris succeeded once again. After yesterday's DH, he also got a super-G cup in Bormio, on the ice of the terrible Stelvio. He's first, 0.01 before the Austrian Matthias Mayer, the author of a perfect race. Third place for the Norwegian Aleksander Kilde (+0.46). It's the 11th victory for the Azzurro from Val D'Ultimo, the second super-G one after Kitzbuehel 2015.

Yet, the day didn't start well for the Italian team, with Christof Innerhofer missing a gate. Inner was forced to start with bib 1, without points of reference to compare with, but he left the starting gate with courage. Unfortunately, after a few seconds, his right arm in the fourth gate made his bust go into rotation, dragging the skis in a useless stop. His race was already compromised at this point, but Innerhofer kept going, to confirm a condition that – perhaps - he has never reached in his career. But at La Konta, the final wall, his right ski made him lose the line until he missed a blue gate.

The Austrian coach Josef Brunner created a hard and fast Super-G. He looked for the most tricky undulatins of the Stelvio to help his champions and they responded the best way. Before Dominik's race the situation was Mayer first, ahead of Kriechmayr and Franz. Mayer did a perfect race on a track where you can not always go fast: you need some slowdowns to get to the finish line and not miss a gate. It seemed impossible to beat his 1'29 "96. What a psychological blow for the other athletes.

Paris, as he already did in yesterday's DH, won his battle in the final part of the Stelvio. He wasn't very fast in the first corners, after the start at Fontana Lunga, and heavily slowed down before entering the diagonal of Carcentina. But after this point he gained so much speed at Ciuk and San Pietro: at the speed detection he scored an astonishing 133.05 km/h. But it was still behind Mayer, 33/100 in the last inter-time and 18 seconds from the finish line. The last few meters, made him get the second victory in two days. Only the Austrian Michael Walchhofer did that. It was 2006 but he did it with two DH races.

This victory makes Paris face the classic races of January - Wengen, Kitzbuehel and Garmisch – in the best technical and psychological conditions.

Fear for the great fall of the Norwegian Stian Saugestad, who fell on his back before hitting 50 meters of net. He got up on his legs, but was anyway transported to the hospital of Sondalo by helicopter for further verification. He suffered a head injury and strong agitation. The Austrian Daniel Hemets fell before the Carcentina, he was very fast in the DH trainings. He reported a severe left knee trauma. The team preferred to transfer him right to Austria.

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